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Bring Your Child in For Their Dental Checkup Today

Bring Your Child in For Their Dental Checkup Today

When was the last time you brought your child in to visit the dentist? Are you doing all you can to take care of their smile and overall oral health? Your child’s baby teeth are important too, and children still need to see the dentist regularly.

Our dentist, Dr. Kenneth Pollary, cares about your child’s oral health and is happy to provide a dental checkup for your child. Additionally, our team at Pollary Family Dentistry in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is thrilled to tell you why it is essential that your child receives regular dental care.

Here are a few reasons to see our dentist:

– Your child needs to see our dentist quickly when the first tooth erupts, or their first year of age, to make sure the teeth are growing in healthy and adequately.

– Due to high amounts of sugar in food and drinks, cavities in the baby teeth need to be corrected because if ignored they could lead to gum disease, which can cause severe damage to the permanent teeth development under the gums.

– Our dentist could look for gum disease lurking in your child’s smile to safeguard the health and strength of your child’s gums are in tip-top shape.

– Help your child get relaxed with our dentist, so they can avoid dental anxiety in their adult years.

– Teach your child the essence of oral health care by visiting our dentist and learning about the importance of their little teeth, which could stay with them throughout their life.

As you can see, it is essential to take your child in to see our dentist regularly to avoid any long-term health problems or oral health disasters in their future. If you have questions about your child’s teeth or if you would like to make an appointment, please call us today at 719-591-0750. We are always willing to help you in any way we can.


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