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Take These Steps to Protect Your Dentures

Take These Steps to Protect Your Dentures

A healthy smile is a safe smile. Simple tasks such as brushing twice daily and flossing daily can ensure your mouth is well protected for decades. Even if you have a set of artificial dentures to replace any missing teeth you may have, taking care of your dentures can ensure your mouth stays healthy. As with natural teeth, bacteria can cause your dentures to do further harm to your mouth.

To keep your smile safe, remember to take these steps to protect your dentures:

– Be very careful when handling dentures as they can be broken if dropped.

– Clean your dentures daily, including cleaning them in a denture solution or water. Brush your dentures daily with a nonabrasive cleaner that has been approved by your dentist.

– Make time for regular exams with your dentist at Pollary Family Dentistry.

– Never use products on your dentures such as abrasive toothpaste or teeth-whitening treatments, as they can easily warp or bleach the dentures.

– Before inserting dentures or after removing them, always be sure to clean your mouth safely and efficiently.

– After eating, remove your dentures and examine and clean them of any food residue.

– Soak or store your dentures when you are not using them. Ask your dentist for excellent storage methods.

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