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Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Colorado Springs, CO

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Colorado Springs, CO

Tooth-colored fillings are a comparatively recent advancement in the dentistry field. They use composite resin material that is durable, discreet, and better suited to fill minor or extensive cavities, besides replacing old or declining fillings. At Pollary Family Dentistry in Colorado Springs, we provide customized tooth-colored fillings to correct both the appearance and functions of a damaged or decayed tooth. They are designed from quality materials that blend effortlessly into your smile.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings help repair cavities caused by tooth decay, preventing it from spreading further inside the tooth. They offer several benefits, including:


The composite resins used in tooth-colored fillings do not expand or contract as the metal fillings. Hence they last longer without showing damage. Besides, the composite resin adheres better with tooth enamel and is less likely to slip out.


Tooth-colored fillings remain entirely invisible, even when you open your mouth wide to laugh. In addition, they blend in with your smile, even after years.


Tooth-colored fillings are generally effective and better-suited for filling extensive cavities. In addition, they do not irritate the gum tissues.

Safe & Comfortable

Tooth-colored fillings do not contain any harmful mercury, so there is no risk of staining your teeth and gums. These fillings don't conduct heat as quickly as metal fillings. As a result, your teeth are protected from temperature fluctuations in your mouth, saving you from pain and sensitivity. Tooth-colored fillings do not involve an invasive procedure and are safe and comfortable.

The Composite Fillings Procedure

The tooth-colored filling treatments can be completed in less than an hour, including the initial consultation with Dr. Kenneth Pollary. There is very little pain, as we use a numbing gel or local anesthesia to reduce any sensations felt in your gums, tooth, or the surrounding area.

Once you are thoroughly numbed, we will make a small opening in the tooth, remove the decay and make room for the new filling. Next, we mix the composite resin to match the color of your tooth and apply it carefully. Then, we use a laser light that cures the resin, hardening it in seconds.

After the procedure is finished, you will be advised not to eat hot foods and beverages for several hours and avoid eating on the side of the filling until the following day. If you still feel discomfort, pain medications will help ease it.

How Long Do Tooth-Colored Fillings Last?

Tooth-colored fillings are planned to last for years as they resist cracks, expansion, or coming loose. On average, your fillings can last up to fifteen years without needing a replacement. However, this duration can vary depending on factors like the size of the cavity, oral habits, and other conditions.

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