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A Tooth with a Missing Filling Needs Immediate Professional Care

A Tooth with a Missing Filling Needs Immediate Professional Care

When a tooth in your mouth is repaired by a dental filling, it’s meant to last for many years to come. Yet, no filling is immune to the passage of time. You are even more likely to experience an issue if you’ve struggled to maintain good oral hygiene habits. This emboldens the bacteria living in your mouth to attack the seam bonding the filling to the surrounding tooth enamel.

Signs that a filling might be in distress could include increased sensitivity, pain when chewing, or a gray color in the tooth. Sometimes a tooth shows no outward sign of a problem and simply falls out when you’re eating or chewing gum.

Sometimes a small, missing filling can be repaired at Pollary Family Dentistry with a replacement filling. To do this, Dr. Kenneth Pollary will use a drill to remove a small amount of tooth enamel and will apply a new filling.

If the missing filling was large or an additional cavity has formed in the tooth enamel, Dr. Kenneth Pollary might recommend treatment with a dental crown. This is essentially a complete replica of the tooth enamel layer made from either porcelain, gold, or base metals.

If you live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and you’ve had a filling fall out, you should not delay in calling 719-591-0750 to seek treatment with Dr. Kenneth Pollary.


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