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Annoying Tooth Chip? Recontouring Can Fix It!

Annoying Tooth Chip? Recontouring Can Fix It!

Recontouring is a simple, speedy procedure to reshape your tooth that has an annoying flaw. To help you fix that tooth, Pollary Family Dentistry wants to fix any minor blemishes in your smile so you can have the best dental care.

Be sure to visit your dentist to determine which option is best for you. Whether it concerns a small chip in the tooth, pits or bulges in the tooth’s enamel, irregular tooth shape caused by uneven teeth, or the length of your canines, each of these can be mended to your specifications and comfort.

If the damage is more than recontouring can fix, veneers or bonding are most likely needed. Bonding connects material to the tooth to change it, and veneers reshape the front teeth. These are a form of recontouring the teeth to fix an extensive fracture.

Your slight imperfection needs to first be examined, determining what exact procedure is needed for that problem. Your dentist uses an x-ray to finds the exact size and location of the fracture. They then compare the tooth’s pulp containing the nerves and blood vessels and how thin or close the enamel is to the pulp. If the enamel is too thin or close to the surface, bonding or veneer are the next applicable option.

By smoothing or leveling out the rough edge, a small chip, pit or bulge can be fixed. During the procedure, a sanding disc or fine diamond bur remove a tiny part of the tooth enamel. A strip of sandpaper is used to level out the tooth if there are flaws in-between the teeth. A final polish is applied, perfecting the smooth tooth.

Although another meeting is not required after this small procedure, feel free to give us a call at 719-591-0750 here in Colorado Springs, Colorado with any questions or if you would like another appointment or consultation. Pollary Family Dentistry will gladly assist you with any other dental care needs.


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