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Have You Been Tested for Bruxism?

Have You Been Tested for Bruxism?

Have you been tested for bruxism? If you weren’t aware, bruxism is a condition often caused unconsciously where an individual grinds, clenches, gnashes, or gnaws their teeth, often to the detriment of one’s oral health. Bruxism can also affect your sleep habits, which can lead to an increase in exhaustion and a feeling of constantly being drowsy due to a lack of deep sleep at nights.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of bruxism can be hard to spot due to the fact it happens unconsciously. However, the effects can be seen in your face if you know what to look for. Within your dental profile, check your teeth to see if they look flatter or more worn than usual. Since bruxism grinds your teeth, they can decrease in size and look smaller than usual.

Another key symptom can be spotted by asking a sleep partner or roommate if they ever hear you grinding or gnashing your teeth as you sleep. Oftentimes, bruxism can create loud sounds while you clench your teeth. Bruxism may also lead to jaw pain when you wake up, cheek tissue damage on your inner cheeks, earaches and pain in your ears, a locked jaw, or indentations or unusual markings on your tongue.

For additional help, Dr. Kenneth Pollary and our team at Pollary Family Dentistry are here to give you the smile you desire. If you would like to schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, please contact us at 719-591-0750 to speak with a member of our team. Don’t let bruxism control your life. It’s time to fight back and get the smile you deserve!


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