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How Do You Become a Dentist?

How Do You Become a Dentist?

The old joke that dentists are just med school dropouts isn’t true. Becoming a dentist is a time-intensive process, and one that not just anybody can complete.

Here at Pollary Family Dentistry in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Dr. Kenneth Pollary went through the same grueling training as other dentists to ensure that he can give you the best oral health care possible. Let’s look at what that process involves.

Undergrad work

Just like everyone else, a dentist has to complete their undergrad degree before applying to medical school. They’ll often take a pre-med undergrad degree, or a degree focusing heavily on science, anatomy, and human health.

Dental school

After they’ve obtained a bachelor’s degree, prospective dentists must attend dental school, which lasts for four years. Where the doctor and dentist tracks differ is that dentists generally don’t complete any sort of residency, like specialized doctors will.

Get a DMD/DDS and license

After dental school, a dentist will get either their Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Medical Dentistry, then they’ll need to pass a licensing exam in order to begin work as a dentist.

Becoming a dentist isn’t an easy task, but it shouldn’t be. They’re responsible for your oral health, and all this training helps them do their job as best as possible.


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