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Mouthguards Make Teeth Safe

Mouthguards Make Teeth Safe

Every year there are literally thousands of teeth that are severely damaged or knocked out of the mouth because the victim of a sports accident was not wearing a mouthguard.

Sports are the major culprit for the most mouth and teeth-related injuries. Not only can sporting accidents cause the death of a tooth requiring root canal therapy, but they often cause avulsed teeth, meaning that the tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth. Many studies have confirmed that a mouthguard significantly reduces the number of dental and jaw injuries.

There is even evidence that properly fitted mouthguards can reduce the incidence of concussions. Research tells us that a mouthguard can cushion an upward blow to the chin that would normally cause a concussion. The force driving the jaw into the base of the skull is absorbed.

Much in the same way, a mouthguard protects the front teeth by dispersing violent energy that may come crashing in from a frontal attack helping them to survive the trauma.

Some Mouth Saving Functions of Mouthguards:

-Helps prevent a concussion from the lower jaw being forced into the base of the skull.

-Guards against cuts and bruises to the mouth and lips

-Prevents teeth from forcefully coming into contact with each other

-Defends against tooth fractures and jaw dislocation

-Absorbs shock between the upper and lower jaw.

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