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A Bad Filling Might Eventually Cause a Toothache

A Bad Filling Might Eventually Cause a Toothache

Dental fillings are typically used to repair minor defects and small cavities that affect a tooth’s enamel layer. They can restore the structural integrity and basic function of the tooth for many years to come.

It’s also worth noting that chronic inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine can gradually start to compromise the bond between the dental filling material and the surrounding tooth enamel. As this starts to happen you might notice increased sensitivity building up in the tooth or a change in the color of the surrounding tooth enamel.

Sometimes the natural bacteria manage to invade the seam between the old dental filling and the otherwise healthy tooth enamel. This can cause a new area of tooth decay to develop deep within the tooth. In just a short amount of time, it can cause increased discomfort and toothache pain.

In a situation like this, you should not delay in seeking treatment from a dentist like Dr. Kenneth Pollary.

Dr. Kenneth Pollary will examine tooth and take a few X-rays. Once this is done, he will recommend a course of treatment.

This might include performing a root canal. This mode of treatment will remove the entire tooth enamel layer as well as the old filling and any decayed materials from within the tooth. Dr. Kenneth Pollary will then rebuild sufficient structure to anchor a dental crown.

If you live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area and you have a toothache in a previously repaired tooth, you should not delay in calling 719-591-0750 to seek treatment at Pollary Family Dentistry.


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