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Are You Showing the Signs of Gum Disease?

Are You Showing the Signs of Gum Disease?

Do you have bleeding, receding, red, tender or swollen gums? Are you finding yourself with tooth sensitivity, pain when chewing, and loose teeth? Or bad breath that never seems to go away? These are all signs of the stages of gum disease.

In the beginning stages of gum disease or gingivitis, you can treat it and reverse it with better oral daily oral hygiene and dental cleanings. Gingivitis presents itself with inflamed, swollen, red, easily bleeding gums. This early on there is typically no pain or discomfort. Brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing daily with an interdental cleaning tool can keep plaque deposits at a minimal. Six-month dental cleanings can remove hardened plaque or tartar to help restore your gums to good health.

As gingivitis goes untreated and advances into periodontitis, more damage is done to your gums and teeth. For example, gum inflammation progresses as the inflammation spreads below the gumline and creates pockets. These spaces are prime areas for harmful bacteria and plaque to hide and accumulate. This damages the supportive bone material and ligaments holding your teeth in place. You are ultimately left with loose teeth which will need to be removed.

If you come in for an evaluation of your gums, we will review your history to eliminate underlying conditions as well as risk factors that could be making you vulnerable to gum disease. Smoking, poor diet, family history, taking medications, illnesses or medical treatments can all have an impact on your gum health. Once your condition has been assessed, treatment options can be provided.

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